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Morocco is a popular surfing destination for surfers from all over the world.
Surf pass trips offers a secret location on the coast of Morocco, in a charming and quiet fishing town, about 150 km from the city of Agadir

The Waves

In the area of ​​the town there are a variety of surfing beaches suitable for different levels of surfing, from beginners to experienced surfers.

The bottom on these beaches is mainly sandy, i.e. beach breaks,

and the breaks on many beaches are in both directions -

right and left.

Since the town is next to a long and pristine beach,

the density in the lineup is usually low,

while the consistency of the waves is high,

and there are suitable conditions for surfing almost all year round

There are beaches exposed to the swells of the Atlantic Ocean,

suitable for experienced surfers, and if necessary and depending

on the level of the surfer, there are protected and closed points in the area,

suitable for beginners and intermediate level,

therefore the destination is suitable for all levels of surfing

Morocco's waves
Our group in Morocco

Morocco's vibes

Surf pass trips offer a secret location on the coast of Morocco, in a charming and quiet fishing town,

about 150 km from the city of Agadir.

The town has a combination of local population and a cluster of European immigrants,

who found refuge from city life, in the special atmosphere of the place.

The area is surrounded by mountainous nature, and a coastline that touches the Atlantic Ocean.

The experience is a combination of perfect surfing conditions, and an escape from expectations and modern reality.

The town and its surroundings have a variety of markets and restaurants, but there are not many surf shops, so it is important to bring your surfing equipment with you (surfboard, suit)


Water temperature: 16-18 degrees Celsius in the winter months (January-February), and around 20 degrees Celsius in the summer (July-August)

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