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A bit about me

I have been in the surfing industry for almost 26 years and have been a competitive surfer.

I grew up by the Mediterranean Sea, where the surfing conditions were difficult, especially with no training methods for the local market.

In 2006 I developed the learning method TRB – Timing, Reading Waves and Balance.

The three most important elements in surfing.

With this method, I was able to achieve better results with my clients.

I am driven by seeing my client's results as they progress using the TRB method.

One of the most difficult things was finding good waves to improve my trainees, which required trips outside the country, which amounted to thousands of dollars,

and I realized that this is not only my problem,

but a worldwide problem, that in order to surf better waves, you have to fly a lot.

But most people can't afford it after two years of working on developing the right model I managed to develop the surftrip pass which gives everyone the ability to train in the sand for one price

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